The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

From the first breath of life, memory development begins. It is imperative that we have an understanding of memory and memory capacity. A child’s memory capacity is not necessarily the size of their memory, but somewhat how much children can do with their memory—Thats where the Umonics Method comes into play.

While scientific research has demonstrated that preschoolers can recall memories with very specific details, for memory to become autobiographical, or, part of the preschooler’s life story and real to them, there must first be a evolved sense of self and personal identity.

Children do not really fully develop a sense of self until typically around one and a half or two years of age. Having a sense of their self, the “I” separate from others, gives a place for memory to be arranged and develop personal meaning. This is why The youngest student, The Umonics Method take on is three years old and above.

Although memory is not fully formed in infancy, the early childhood period (birth through the age of 8 years old) is significant in building and acquiring the development of memory. Memory development provides a brand new way to think about and plan for preschoolers.

Memory development not only brings you back to experiences that hold meaning, but it is a complex cognitive ability that is vital in many aspects of thinking and learning, such as language and planning, literacy, following directions, problem-solving, imagining, reflecting, and the overall ability to form a positive sense of self.

An important thing to note is that remembering begins with understanding. Children learn about memory by talking with others such as their parents, friends and or teachers and by experiencing life events within their own environments.

If preschoolers experience events that they do not fully comprehend, they are less likely to remember the event (or to recall events correctly). Adults play a big role in supporting children to understand and remember. The most essential role for adults is providing joyful, responsive, and nurturing interactions with children.

Another important, yet easy way adults can help is by telling stories and narrating experiences, especially experiences they have shared with children. The best way to develop a child’s memory ability is by learning memory techniques and strategies. The faster preschoolers learn memory techniques, the easier it becomes for them to remember information and the faster their knowledge increases.

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