Replacing Junk Food with Healthy Snacks

Who don’t love junk foods? Almost everyone is craving for the delicious tastes of these ready-to-eat food items, which are more loved by most children in several countries. However, parents should know that too much eating of junk foods of their children might lead to unhealthy lifestyle. Know how to replace junk foods with healthy snacks in this article.

Getting Healthy Snacks over Junk Food

Junk food pertains to any food item that contains low or no nutritional value. However, today, it seems that this type of food has already been consumed by lots of people of all ages, especially young children. You do not want junk foods to consume your child, so how exactly could you keep your child away from these unhealthy snacks?

As a parent, you know for the fact that junk foods won’t make your children healthy, and it could be difficult to find ways to prevent their craving to it, as they are found everywhere. In this case, what you need is an effective alternative to junk food. Junk food has provided “snacking” a bad impression. Actually, taking snacks between meals is never a bad idea, depending on your food choices though.

So, if you want to give your child with some healthy snacks, consider the following:

  • Popcorn – The fat within these microwave brands may be the mere negative here. You can go for healthier versions, having 98 percent fat-free. When you choose plain popcorn, it is fine to sprinkle a bit of butter or margarine (no trans-fat). It is better than those full-fat brands in which you cannot control the added fat.
  • Ice Cream – Let’s be real. Everyone knows ice cream is not a daily snack. However, there are some fine choices within the ice cream land. Breyer’s Light Vanilla can be one of the best tasting vanillas. In addition, fudge bars could be very delicious. They will suffice your ice cream and chocolate craving. Furthermore, they have 4g soluble fiber, roughly any fat, 80 calories, and extremely fine flavor.
  • Fruit And Fruit Smoothies – These are really fine snack choices. For a sustainable, complete snack, you can produce some fruit smoothies for your child. The dairy should sustain you.
  • Cookies – This is a healthy choice for a snack. You can make some creative cookies that will lure your kids from trying some on their snacks. Cookies are something that kids will really enjoy, put some effort though.
  • Crackers And Cheese – This can be another great choice only when you choose a reduced-fat cheese, which tastes really good. Reduced fat means greater amount of protein. Crackers must be low-fat wholegrain in order for it to become a healthy snack. More fat contained in a cracker means more trans-fat it would contain.
  • Frozen Yogurt/Yogurt – If your child does not like drinking milk, yogurt can be a great alternative source for calcium. Yogurt does not require sugar in order to taste good. Purchase plain yogurt and complement it with something, such as fruit and low-fat granola, for a really healthy snack.
  • Cereals – This is a good choice for a healthy snack. But, make sure to choose low-sugar, high-fiber cereals such as oatmeal.
  • Frozen Fruit/Popsicles Bars – Another fine snack, these bars can be great addition to your healthy junk food alternative. However, you have to go for the right ones. There are a few excellent choices around, including the 100 percent fruit-juice selections out there.
  • Candy Bars – When you give your child the mini-sized ones and not the oversized, candy bars can be a fine choice. Do not deprive your child to eating something, as it will only lead them to compulsively overeating.

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