Companies Spending Millions on Corporate Wellness Programs

We sit down with Sancy Suraj, Co-founder and CEO of Knowles Training Institute.

Singapore (Healthline Pulse NEWS) –Working in a company can be an arduous task and the workplace can be a toxic place for many reasons such as unethical behaviors of co-workers, autocratic leadership styles of managers, lack of contribution of teammates which cause the health of employees to go downhill.

Companies must understand the importance of keeping the employees healthy. A corporate wellness program is any program carried out by an employer to boost the health of its labor force.

“Research over the years has shown that abusive workplaces and overwhelming amounts of stress on employees, greatly reducing their capacity to focus and be vigorous,”

said Sancy Suraj, CEO of Knowles Training Institute.

Researchers found that employees who had managers with toxic traits were 60% more likely to have suffered a heart attack or other life-threatening cardiac condition. There is no wonder why most people associate their jobs with stress, illness and overall poor health. Because an employee is spending 40 h/a week in the office, the workplace should be a place that advocates good health both in the mind and in the body.

Efficacious corporate wellness programs are key to overall success. This doesn’t only involve administering health risk assessments, gym memberships paying people to change their habits, introducing them to short-term campaigns. It starts with a commitment from all the team members from company leaders to all levels of the organization.

Successful programs associate health with the company’s overall vision and purpose.

A culture of a healthy company is not built in an overnight. By “total health”, meaning in all aspects such physically, emotionally, financially and the whole social being of the organization, not just an occasional course. It is establishing a way of life in the office that incorporates a total health model into every facet of business methods, from company guidelines to everyday work activities.

There some companies that excel at corporate wellness. One company is the Fitbit which not only has great internal wellness programs but also helps other companies harness the power of their fitness trackers to create customized, engaging programs.

An example of their program is running a million step challenge where employees who hit the mark over the course of a year are eligible for a more deductible health plan.

“We work with our clients to build out a solution that speaks to their needs,” said, Amy McDonough, VP and GM for Fitbit Wellness.

In this modern world, companies can leverage the use of modern technologies and incorporate it with the different kinds of wellness programs. A company can spend millions in wellness programs but without the full commitment of the whole organization, nothing will work out. It is a never-ending cycle of engagement, persistence and enthusiasm in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

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contributors; Sancy Suraj, CEO of Knowles Training Institute, Amy Mcdonough, Fitbit.